" Marsmand crash landed in his small space ship some 300 years ago, while exploring this sector of the universe. The crash had such catastrophic consequences for the ship, as trying to fix it is impossible - at least in these parts of space - as the issue is with the warp speed engine core. To fix it, Marsmand needs a specific material, which can only be found on Mars. So for now, he is waiting patiently for Elon Musk and his SpaceX project to send a manned mission to the red planet, where he will try to sneak on board. Until then, Marsmand has found peace and tranquility in the dreamy and soundscapy sub genres of techno and pounding house music. "


1. Spooky – Orange Coloured Liquid
2. O.H.M. – Oceanic
3. Extreme – Transparenza
4. Viggo Dyst – Everything Else Is Secondary (1-800 GIRLS Remix)
5. T. Jacques – Five Dollar Shake
6. DJ Life – Exaltic
7. Josh Baker – Golden Zest
8. Occibel – Vernal Station
9. KOLTER – Your Love My Pain
10. Nathan Pinder – 1 Day Sheller
11. DJOKO – Don’t Compare Yourself
12. B From E – Aqua Sand
13. Herr Krank – Something Different

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